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Yoga philosophy is one of the six major orthodox schools of ancient India, which is collectively known as Shat Darshsana and Yoga. In the modern times, Yoga philosophy is said in common as Yoga and there is a wide misconception among the public like yoga is only about physical postures. Our department focus mainly on ancient, which directly deals on yoga and widely discussed upon the history of yoga, yoga sutras (principles), four major streams of yoga (Bhakthi, Gnana, Karma and Raja yoga) and the minor streams (Swara, Kundalini, tantra etc.,). And also focus on the basic and advance yoga practices, shat kriyas, pranayams, mudras, bandhas and even dhyana. These disciplines are focused and taught theoretically and practically. Even Bhajans are conducted among students to invike their internal purity through moral principles.

Department of Yoga imparts scientific evidence-based knowledge to students, which would be of utmost importance while treating various disease conditions. From ancient scriptures to scientific research articles, students learn the right balance between the science and philosophy of yoga. The objective of the department of Yoga is not just to teach students the skills to be an effective yoga physician/ Doctor, but also to improve the overall personality and well-being of a student.

Teaching methodology used includes audio visual aids, role play, debate, seminars, case presentation, skit, etc.